Peer Review Policy

All submitted manuscripts are first screened by the Chief Editor before it is send for peer review. The criteria used to evaluate the manuscripts include original material, appropriate study methods including approval of Ethics Committee (in case of original research), practice changing, conclusions are reasonable and if the topic is of interest to readers. Aside from this, the manuscript is also evaluated to see if it conforms to the journal criteria as provided in the Information for Authors.

Manuscripts that do not meet the above requirements for publication may be rejected at this time.

Other manuscripts are sent to reviewers for peer review.

The selection of reviewers is done by the Editor based on their expertise in the same field as that of the concerned paper, their availability, and also avoiding any possible conflict of interest. The names of the reviewers are not disclosed to the authors.

The reviewers are required to evaluate the accuracy of the research, quality, whether it is based on sound scientific reasoning, is original and relevant. They then provide feedback on the manuscript suggesting improvements and also make a recommendation to the editor about whether to accept the manuscript for publication, reject or suggest changes to the manuscript. The final decision rests with the Chief Editor.

Publication Policy
The information and opinions presented in the publication reflect the views of the authors, not those of the journal, unless so stated. Indian Journal of Clinical Practice is committed to publishing review articles and research of the highest quality that is free from any commercial influence. Advertising is accepted only if judged to be in harmony with the purpose of the journal; however, IJCP Group reserves the right to reject any advertising at its sole discretion. Neither acceptance nor rejection constitutes an endorsement by IJCP group of a particular policy, product or procedure.

All Original Research articles submitted for publication should include a letter of approval from Ethics Committee. Any case report linked to a drug side effect should have been mandatorily notified in the Pharmacovigilance Programme of India (PvPI) and then submitted for publication along with details of submission.

Conflicts of Interest / Financial Associations
We believe that readers need to be aware of any affiliation or financial relationship (employment, consultancies, stock ownership, honoraria, etc.) between an author and any organization or entity that has a direct financial interest in the subject matter or materials the author is writing about. We inform the reader of any pertinent relationships disclosed. A disclosure statement, where appropriate, is published at the end of the relevant article.

Copyright & Disclaimer
The copyright for all the editorial material contained in Indian Journal of Clinical Practice, in the form of layout, content including images and design, is held by IJCP Publications Ltd. No part of this publication may be published in any form whatsoever without the prior written permission of the publisher. Indian Journal of Clinical Practice does not guarantee, directly or indirectly, the quality or efficacy of any product or service described in the advertisements or other material which is commercial in nature in this issue.