A Lady with a Broken Heart

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Devendra Singh Bisht
Kamal Kishore
Mohit Jaidka


Broken-heart syndrome (BHS) is an acute reversible myocardial injury of left or right ventricular myocardium in the absence of coronary occlusion. We, herein, discuss a case of a postmenopausal female presenting with angina equivalent with surface electrocardiogram (ECG) and echocardiography consistent for acute coronary syndrome. The patient was subsequently diagnosed and treated as BHS.

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Devendra Singh Bisht, Kamal Kishore, & Mohit Jaidka. (2023). A Lady with a Broken Heart. Indian Journal Of Clinical Practice, 33(9), 35–37. Retrieved from https://ojs.ijcp.in/IJCP/article/view/204
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