Motivational Techniques and Hacks for Treating Childhood Obesity

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Meenakshi Verma
Suneet Kumar Verma


Treating obesity in children and adolescents is not a cakewalk. Asking them directly to get up and run, or just serving them a four-quadrant plate won’t serve the purpose at all. An obese child is already under the repercussions of oppressive remarks by the society. If at home as well, their mental milieu is not taken care of, there are chances of them being trapped in the shackles of depression. To avoid such drastic consequences, one must be prudent enough, while conversing with their children/patients regarding their weight. Motivation enhancement is very crucial in childhood obesity management, as the required changes in diet, behavior and physical activity are difficult to carry out with an insufficient level of motivation.1 The motivational hacks presented here might be helpful for parents and health care professionals in convincing their children/patients to stride through the road to health.

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