Laurence-Moon-Bardet-Biedl Syndrome: A Rare Case Report

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Mahesh Dave
Anuj Goyal
Ram Gopal Saini
Gaurav Dave


Introduction: Laurence-Moon-Bardet-Biedl syndrome (LMBBS) is a rare autosomal-recessive disorder, which is characterized principally by cardinal symptoms of marked central obesity, retinal dystrophy, polydactyly, mental retardation, hypogonadism and renal dysfunction. Case presentation: We report a case of a 20-year-old male who presented to us with history of fever, vomiting and dizziness. He was incidentally diagnosed as a case of LMBBS as the patient was having polydactyly, retinitis pigmentosa, central obesity, hypogonadism and low IQ. Conclusion: Laurence-Moon-Bardet-Biedl syndrome is a very rare syndrome with very low incidence; hence, we are reporting this case. In addition, we advice more diligent approach from various specialties, so that this syndrome can be picked up at an early age.

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Mahesh Dave, Anuj Goyal, Deepanshu, Ram Gopal Saini, & Gaurav Dave. (2023). Laurence-Moon-Bardet-Biedl Syndrome: A Rare Case Report. Indian Journal Of Clinical Practice, 34(3), 38–41.
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