Menstruation: The First Conversation

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Meenakshi Verma
Suneet Kumar Verma


The lively outgoing girl becomes withdrawn and diffident when ‘the day’ arrives. This is the day when a girl’s body finally
decides to prepare itself for future, ironically though, without her own consent. This is that moment in her life which every girl
endures silently. Though she might have been already taught this in school, but she fails to acknowledge the real gravity of this
phenomenon until she gets to experience it herself! “Why me?” is her first reaction. Now she likes to stay confined to her own
domains most of the times, cursing the Almighty for sending her to this planet as female. Unfortunately, similar is the plight of
those girls who are rendered ignorant about the biological significance and the truth of menstruation. Had they been told the
truth in time, it would have been easier for them to come to grips with it. A healthy, warm, one to one conversation is all that is
needed. This piece is going to be helpful for parents, teachers, health care professionals and guardians of all such adolescent girls

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