Osteocrinology: Insights from the Great Indian Epics

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Sanjay Kalra
Ameya Joshi
Nitin Kapoor


Indian epics are a storehouse of knowledge and information, which offer an insight into various aspects of health and disease. In this paper, we surmise some of the legendary figures in the great Indian epics, who possibly could have disorders related to osteocrinology. Based on the detailed description provided in Vedic texts, these exemplars from Indian history provide an interesting framework for the study of osteocrinology. These may spark an interest in students and researchers to explore and understand this subject in greater depth.

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Sanjay Kalra, Ameya Joshi, & Nitin Kapoor. (2023). Osteocrinology: Insights from the Great Indian Epics. Indian Journal Of Clinical Practice, 33(8), 7–8. Retrieved from https://ojs.ijcp.in/IJCP/article/view/222
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