Ragi Traditional But Nutritional Especially in the Era of COVID-19

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Neha Mohan Sinha
Neelam Kumari
Nandini Dikshit
Surya Kant


Finger millet is the name commonly used to denote the crop Eleusine coracana. It is known as Ragi in many parts of India, which is an important member of the family of cereals. In fact, it is superior to many cereals like wheat and rice in terms of its micronutrient content and bioavailability. Several indigenous processing techniques may be applied to finger millets allowing it to be processed into various value-added products, which may be better in appearance, taste, flavor and acceptability. Development of value-added products that contain Ragi as one of their major components can be beneficial for food and nutrition security of Indians. Ragi may contribute to solving the issue of micronutrient deficiency and nutrition security as it is an important source of micronutrients and can be easily incorporated in various recipes and value-added products. It can therefore be a part of various nutritional programs to enhance the nutritional density of foods.

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Neha Mohan Sinha, Neelam Kumari, Nandini Dikshit, & Surya Kant. (2022). Ragi Traditional But Nutritional Especially in the Era of COVID-19. Indian Journal Of Clinical Practice, 32(10), 20–24. Retrieved from https://ojs.ijcp.in/IJCP/article/view/494
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