Metabolic Mentorship

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Dr Sanjay Kalra
Dr Mohammad Wali Naseri
Dr Faria Afsana
Dr Dina Shrestha


In this editorial, we propose metabolic mentorship as an umbrella term, which includes all activities that are undertaken in
order to achieve and maintain metabolic health. Metabolic mentorship includes not only conventional medical prescription,
but also education, counseling and support for effective self-management. Metabolic mentorship facilitates value-added
therapy (VAT), i.e, the nonpharmacological and pharmacological interventions that help ensure optimal therapeutic outcomes.
From a pedagogic perspective, metabolic mentorship implies the learning that health care professionals can gain by interacting
and sharing experiences with each other. We suggest that endocrinologists take the responsibility of spearheading metabolic
mentorship within, and beyond, the health care sciences

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Dr Sanjay Kalra, Dr Mohammad Wali Naseri, Dr Faria Afsana, & Dr Dina Shrestha. (2023). Metabolic Mentorship. Indian Journal Of Clinical Practice, 34(7), 8–9.
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