Rational Renometrics

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The precise evaluation of renal function and structure is indispensable clinical medicine. This is required not only to screen,
diagnose and monitor kidney disease, but also to allow accurate choice of drugs and their dosages while treating individuals.
Traditional methods, exemplified by glomerular filtration rate (GFR) calculations and urinalysis, have long served as pillars
of nephrology. However, their inherent limitations introduce diagnostic ambiguities, raising concerns for both health care
providers and patients. This comprehensive review introduces the concept of "Rational Renometrics", a transformative
approach that harmonizes various tests and factors to provide a holistic assessment of renal health. It focuses on correct
urine sample collection, mitigates false positives in urinalysis and embraces the concept of permissive hypercreatinemia.
The evidence-based, data-driven perspective of rational renometrics empowers health care providers and patients, leading
to more accurate diagnoses, individualized treatment strategies and improved therapeutic outcomes. Rational renometrics
allows accurate risk assessment and institution of preventive interventions, reinforcing its pivotal role in preserving renal
health and optimizing patient care. We describe the principles, advantages, challenges and potential clinical applications of
rational renometrics, emphasizing the need for continued research and validation of this concept.

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Dr SOURABH SHARMA, & Dr SANJAY KALRA. (2023). Rational Renometrics. Indian Journal Of Clinical Practice, 34(7), 21–25. https://doi.org/10.59793/ijcp.v34i7.738
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