Meaningful Clinical Conversation: Guidance from the Gita

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Sanjay Kalra
Ameya Joshi
Bharti Kalra
Navneet Agrawal


Chronic disease care is a challenging vocation. One of the reasons for this is the need to inform and share decision making with patients. Communication and conversational skills are the pillars of chronic care delivery. In this editorial, we take guidance from the Srimad Bhagavad Gita in order to improve the quality of clinical conversations, and make them meaningful. The Gita encourages us to be ‘saatvik’ or balanced in thought, words and deeds, to perform ‘penance’ of mind, speech and body, and to accept equanimity. This introspective opinion piece should help us polish our communication skills, and improve interaction with our patients.

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Sanjay Kalra, Ameya Joshi, Bharti Kalra, & Navneet Agrawal. (2023). Meaningful Clinical Conversation: Guidance from the Gita. Indian Journal Of Clinical Practice, 34(1), 6–8. Retrieved from
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