Evidence from Experience: Unity in Diversity

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Sanjay Kalra
Navneet Agrawal
Rakesh Sahay


Diabetes in India presents unique challenges, which merit bespoke solutions. The early onset and rapid progression of diabetes, along with late presentation to the healthcare system, call for more proactive management strategies. At the same time, persons living with diabetes ask for convenient, uncomplicated treatment regimens, which offer comprehensive control with minimal dose frequency. The original research published in this issue highlights the relevance of fixed-dose combinations (FDCs) of sulfonylurea and metformin, as well as fixed-ratio combinations (FRCs) of rapid-acting and long-acting insulin analogs, in diabetes care. In this editorial, we highlight the similar preferences of oral and insulin medication, and explore the rationale behind this. We hope that this insight will encourage further discussion and research on ethnocentric pharmacotherapy in diabetology.


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