Glucometric Guardianship

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Sanjay Kalra
Pramila Kalra
Usha Ayyagari
Dheeraj Kapoor
Shehla Shaikh
S Nallaperumal
Kalyan Kumar Gangopadhyay
Vishal Gala


It is a well-known fact that the knowledge of their current glucose readings empowered people with diabetes to evaluate and monitor the trends in glucose fluctuations and take informed decisions on adjusting their medicines, food intake, and physical activity. Glucose monitoring technology has undergone a technological evolution and has improved diabetes care in patients living with type 2 diabetes. This has also made the need to efficiently and effectively utilize blood glucose monitoring tools. Given the above, the article has reviewed the significance of glucometric guardianship. Glucometric checklists offer a standardized approach to glucometric guardianship which is necessary to improve the process of drug choice and dose titration. The stepwise factors included in the glucometric guardianship checklist include procurement, distribution, pre-testing hygiene, testing, recording, action, disposal, quality control, and procedure safety.


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